Thursday, June 20, 2013


I am a celebrity nail and jewelry designer. I created the art of BellaGemaNails with the idea of fusing two things I love, intricate 3D nail art and jewelry design. 

Bella Gema is Spanish for beautiful gem. This name perfectly describes my creations and who I am as an artist. I do not set, sculpt nails or use any acrylic powders. I sketch, hand-paint, design and bejewel nails.
I believe my designs can create a little world of their own for your fingers; my themed nails are proof that! From “Farfalle Paradiso” where I bring a butterfly exhibit to your fingertips. To “Cleopatra’s Reign” where the richness of the piece shined with effortless splendor by the use of rings, crystals, mosaic tiles, golf leaf and chains.

BGN designs are very much like having a custom dress or article of clothing made. They are very labor intensive and detailed. They all have a theme and color scheme. The art of 3D nails is over a decade old; I didn’t create the art, I simply made it my own!
Inspiration is my best tool when designing. It is a labor of love; one that brings me tremendous joy! There is nothing like seeing faces light up and eyes widening at first glance.

Nails aren't just nails anymore. Nails have reached a peak in popularity due to worldwide nail enthusiasts, celebrity fashion, nails blogs, social networks, nail magazines, and creative nail professionals.
I have been commissioned to design for many people. I have designed for touring musical artists, fashion designers, red carpets, music videos, TV appearances, editorial shoots, fashion shows, art shows and fashion installations. My designs have been seen on Ricki Lake, Chef Roble & Co., and many others.

 I feel fortunate to do what I love. I will keep designing, so long as you keep inspiring. 


"Even the smallest canvas can have great potential at being called a masterpiece." -BellaGemaNails


~Clawing at Design~