Tuesday, July 17, 2012

With love, Bella

Not everyone will support you, like you or believe in you—that’s okay. Because supporting, liking and believing in yourself should be your  #1 priority. Being your own cheerleader will always place you in the leading role of your life.

Take the driver’s seat, not the passenger or backseat. Don’t watch life just happen—actively participate!

Be responsible with your choices because your choices frame your future. Keep pushing forward especially when opposing forces weigh you down. Find drive within yourself. Keep your internal tank full. Avoid people that deplete your existence and/or dim your light.

Put in work even when no one is watching. Do your very best at all times. Don’t ever do anything halfway. Stay invested. You will get there!

Trust that something greater is in the making for you at this very moment-- own it! Be patient. Stay ready. Learn to accept. Give thanks. Give back. 

We can all live in the reality of what was once a distant dream… just do the work and believe.  

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