Monday, July 23, 2012

My New Favorite OPI Nail Colors

My new favorite OPI nail colors... Spirit of Life & Delete Diabetes

These were given at The 2012 Spirit of Life Award. A City of Hope benefit--honoring, George W. Schaeffer, President/CEO of OPI for all his humanitarian efforts.

This beauty event raised $ 2,700,000. Mr. Schaeffer donated an additional $ 2,500,000. 100% of the proceeds will go to The City of Hope Diabetes Research.

Diabetes plagues so many people and their families. Diabetes does not discriminate. It affects the young and the old in the very same manner. Its complications can be quite devastating.

This cause is very dear to me. My father has suffered severely for over 26 years with this horrible condition. My grandfather died from Diabetic complications. I've sat with my father through countless hospital stays, along with 24 skin graft surgeries. He was hospitalized again one day before this event.

It's life altering to see someone you love suffer from its devastating effects.
I will forever fight to find a cure. I will use my brand to spread the word, and to instill faith in those that have lost it.

Keep your head up, Dad!

I keep all hope alive. Let's find a cure together!

With love,


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