Thursday, June 21, 2012

On The Road To Success...

Several years ago, I was having lunch with a couple of great friends. I was introduced to an electric young woman. She had a very catchy name, one I’d never forget!

We all ate, she had a salad. We talked about our lives, dating, future goals and careers. She was very nice. She had a little frame with a great big smile.  She was Lady Gaga.

No one at the time knew her at this West Hollywood hotspot. I say this to say, that everyone starts somewhere. Someone believed in them and in their talent. Someone saw the potential spark and lit the wick to the path of success. Nothing is done without your own belief in self. Nothing is accomplished without your absolute focus, determination and dedication.  

Find something you love. Believe in the possibilities. Work to make your dream a probability. Never let anything or anyone stop you. It’s just you and this abundant universe of gifts—claim them! Start today!

Take from the universe, but always do your part in giving back. It's the law of the universe. 

Infinite love,


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