Monday, July 23, 2012

My New Favorite OPI Nail Colors

My new favorite OPI nail colors... Spirit of Life & Delete Diabetes

These were given at The 2012 Spirit of Life Award. A City of Hope benefit--honoring, George W. Schaeffer, President/CEO of OPI for all his humanitarian efforts.

This beauty event raised $ 2,700,000. Mr. Schaeffer donated an additional $ 2,500,000. 100% of the proceeds will go to The City of Hope Diabetes Research.

Diabetes plagues so many people and their families. Diabetes does not discriminate. It affects the young and the old in the very same manner. Its complications can be quite devastating.

This cause is very dear to me. My father has suffered severely for over 26 years with this horrible condition. My grandfather died from Diabetic complications. I've sat with my father through countless hospital stays, along with 24 skin graft surgeries. He was hospitalized again one day before this event.

It's life altering to see someone you love suffer from its devastating effects.
I will forever fight to find a cure. I will use my brand to spread the word, and to instill faith in those that have lost it.

Keep your head up, Dad!

I keep all hope alive. Let's find a cure together!

With love,


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

With love, Bella

Not everyone will support you, like you or believe in you—that’s okay. Because supporting, liking and believing in yourself should be your  #1 priority. Being your own cheerleader will always place you in the leading role of your life.

Take the driver’s seat, not the passenger or backseat. Don’t watch life just happen—actively participate!

Be responsible with your choices because your choices frame your future. Keep pushing forward especially when opposing forces weigh you down. Find drive within yourself. Keep your internal tank full. Avoid people that deplete your existence and/or dim your light.

Put in work even when no one is watching. Do your very best at all times. Don’t ever do anything halfway. Stay invested. You will get there!

Trust that something greater is in the making for you at this very moment-- own it! Be patient. Stay ready. Learn to accept. Give thanks. Give back. 

We can all live in the reality of what was once a distant dream… just do the work and believe.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Hello Kitty Love" 10D by BellaGemaNails


Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Polka Dot Queen" 20D by BellaGemaNails

My Muse for this design was Yayoi Kusama, The Queen of Polka Dots. Her avant-garde style was always a thing of the future, even in the 60's. I admire her vision and artistry. This is the 2nd piece I created inspired by her works.

To learn more about Yayoi Kusama, click the link below:

Click here to see this design live on Youtube:

"The Empress" 10D by BellaGemaNails

This fleur-de-lis mixed metal look was inspired by one of my favorite movies. I absolutely love the wardrobe styling of this film. I like anything to do with ancient times.

Click here to see the clip of the movie that inspired this piece.

Click here to see the clip of the nails live on Youtube:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On The Road To Success...

Several years ago, I was having lunch with a couple of great friends. I was introduced to an electric young woman. She had a very catchy name, one I’d never forget!

We all ate, she had a salad. We talked about our lives, dating, future goals and careers. She was very nice. She had a little frame with a great big smile.  She was Lady Gaga.

No one at the time knew her at this West Hollywood hotspot. I say this to say, that everyone starts somewhere. Someone believed in them and in their talent. Someone saw the potential spark and lit the wick to the path of success. Nothing is done without your own belief in self. Nothing is accomplished without your absolute focus, determination and dedication.  

Find something you love. Believe in the possibilities. Work to make your dream a probability. Never let anything or anyone stop you. It’s just you and this abundant universe of gifts—claim them! Start today!

Take from the universe, but always do your part in giving back. It's the law of the universe. 

Infinite love,