Thursday, February 17, 2011

LUUUX BEAUTY post by joaannneee x from United Kingdom

Health & Beauty » CandyLand Carousel nails! :D
By jooaannneee x  From: United Kingdom|  February 17,  2011

Okayyy so I’m in love with these nails! They are done in LA by a company called BellaGemaNails! I found out about these on YouTube. They post videos with pictures of all the nails they have done :) so if you want to see more then I’ll link their Youtube in the source link.
These nails would drive me crazy! I find it hard to keep normal acrylics on my nails I just can’t help picking at them :S
The nails must take so much time, effort and thought because each nail is unique. I do not know how much a set of these will cost but I’m guessing a lot!
Do you like these nails? let me know :D>
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Nina Michelle: they look adorable with all the stuff on there but i dont think i could function with them on :P
17 February 2011, 17:02
Jasmin Enginar: so cute
17 February 2011, 17:02
Kyrah Nel: They are nice but i couldn't wear them.
17 February 2011, 17:02
Kim Nguyen: So cute but hard to use fingers with
17 February 2011, 17:02
ka vang: cute... but they are too much...
17 February 2011, 17:02
Samantha : These are so cute and over the top. :P
17 February 2011, 16:02
♥carleigh ♥: love it!
17 February 2011, 16:02

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